Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


El Buli

For culinary enthusiasts who consider Molecular Gastronomy a religion, Chef Feran Adria is the Messiah. Adria is credited with putting foam (and the small town of Roses, Spain) on the map. And although it might sound like a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes, people make pilgrimages from far and wide to taste dishes garnished with ‘Cordoba air’. The menu changes constantly based on what the mad scientist is destabilizing in the laboratory.

To reserve: Visit the ‘Reservations’ department on the restaurant’s site and you’ll read that, “The restaurant is fully booked for our season 2007… but we will be at your disposal to revise if cancellations are produced…” Meaning: Keep your Learjet at the ready during ‘the season’ (April to September) and call or e-mail each day to check for cancellations. To secure a slot in 2008, launch a heavy contact campaign the second week in October.

Mexico City

Chic by Accident


M Suites at Pier One, Shanghai

The facts
M Suites is one part of the supper club-lounge-boutique hotel Pier One complex. The 24 rooms in this boutique lodge were decorated by eight international minimalist designers with the über-chic in mind. The suites feature expected amenities for a boutique hotel such as flat-screen TVs and iPod stereo, plus other fashionable inclusions like a private yacht at the guests’ disposal.

The scoop
Located in the warehouse-trendy Suzhou Creek area, Pier One, a former Chinese beer factory, now resembles the Art Deco buildings one could expect to find in Miami’s South Beach. The edifice is in short distance of numerous concept shops, trendy office lofts and Moganshan Lu, the art gallery district of the city. Apart from the petite hotel, the meticulously chic complex also serves as home to Mimosa Supperclub – a white-themed restaurant specializing in 3, 5 and 7 course meals served on indulgent bed/tables – and Monsoon – a modern Asian decorated bar and lounge complete with a roof terrace and a Jacuzzi overlooking the creek. A younger, hedonistic crowd is seen here on a regular basis, attending mostly private functions hosted by luxury brands.

The vibe
Expect an active, champagne-influenced environment on weekends with a more relaxed, yet just as chic, atmosphere throughout the week. M Suites is a haven for those who crave a young, hip and artsy environment with their glass of Cristal.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Somewhere near Porto

My friends farm in the (deep) countryside...

Friday, June 6, 2008


The Sheraton Porto - A more or less of a good hotel...

I'm not a fan of Porto - not at all! But if you find you have to go to Porto, this hotel will serve you well. The hotel is large and modern. The furnishings are a nauseating red and brown - made me feel like I'd travelled back in time into the '70s...
The big plus is the spa. Amazing actually!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Os cães ladram e a caravana passa


No decorrer de nossa vida, muitas vezes sofremos ataques injustos, ofensas, e até mesmo somos vítimas de calúnias, fatos provocados por momentos de raiva de algumas pessoas, que, com motivo ou não, se acham no direito de nos atacar. Quem não já passou por momentos assim? Sempre existem pessoas que se comprazem em agredir alguém.

O nosso primeiro impulso é revidar, devolvendo as violências e as ofensas à altura, dando assim início a um círculo vicioso sem fim, pois sempre atos violentos, geram uma resposta de igual ou maior violência.

Se tais ataques representarem iminente perigo para nossa integridade física, claro que deveremos armar um esquema de defesa. Contudo, se forem ataques meramente verbais, cuja resposta poderá originar uma discussão que poderá ir num crescendo, podendo levar a conseqüências tristes, penso que a melhor política é a do silêncio.
Simplesmente ignorar os ataques, dando tempo para a pessoa refletir e possivelmente cair em si, e chegar à conclusão de que tais atitudes não levam a nada. E as reveja.
Uma citação do Dalai Lama:

"Descobri que o mais alto grau de paz interior decorre da prática do amor e da compaixão. Quanto mais nos importamos com a felicidade de nossos semelhantes, maior o nosso próprio bem-estar. Ao cultivarmos um sentimento profundo e carinhoso pelos outros, passamos automaticamente para um estado de serenidade. Esta é a principal fonte da felicidade".

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The Imperial Hotel - Delhi

This gracious establishment (built in 1931) is the best hotel in Delhi -- certainly for anyone wanting something a little more atmospheric than any chain, no matter how luxurious, can hope to offer. Only at The Imperial can you recover from your jet lag in luxury while experiencing something of the elegance of colonial-era Delhi -- without even setting foot out of the lobby. It's also incredibly convenient (only a short stroll to Connaught Place) yet tranquil. It's comfortable as well, having undergone a major renovation that left the Raj-era atmosphere untouched but loaded with every amenity you'd expect from a five-star hotel. Spacious guest rooms (no need for a suite; opt for an Imperial or Heritage Room) with wonderfully high ceilings are furnished in colonial-era elegance. However, it is the public areas, like the double-volume colonnaded veranda and grand 1911 bar, that are a sheer delight -- huge, elegant, and everywhere a showcase of Delhi's imperial past. A huge collection of original art adorns every corridor. Silver-service breakfasts are among the best in the world. This quiet, dignified hotel is not only the perfect place to acclimatize, but we believe it ranks among the top city destinations in the world.

Inevitably, prices have risen, but it's worth every penny!