Tuesday, June 17, 2008


El Buli

For culinary enthusiasts who consider Molecular Gastronomy a religion, Chef Feran Adria is the Messiah. Adria is credited with putting foam (and the small town of Roses, Spain) on the map. And although it might sound like a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes, people make pilgrimages from far and wide to taste dishes garnished with ‘Cordoba air’. The menu changes constantly based on what the mad scientist is destabilizing in the laboratory.

To reserve: Visit the ‘Reservations’ department on the restaurant’s site and you’ll read that, “The restaurant is fully booked for our season 2007… but we will be at your disposal to revise if cancellations are produced…” Meaning: Keep your Learjet at the ready during ‘the season’ (April to September) and call or e-mail each day to check for cancellations. To secure a slot in 2008, launch a heavy contact campaign the second week in October.


Anonymous said...

Gosto do seu blog ,é pena é ser escrito em inglês

Maria do Mar

o emigrante said...


o restaurante nao fica em sevilla.
fica na catalunha. um pouco mais para cima.....

Anonymous said...

Efectivamente! O restaurante El Buli fica na Catalunha, mais concretamente a norte de Barcelona em Rosas. A pastelaria de Alberto Adria é também uma piece de resistence do El Buli! Boa garrafeira online!

XeniaKerimova said...

Yes you should change that title. We Catalans are very proud of El Bulli :)