Friday, November 30, 2007

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton. Chic or tacky?

For my 18th birthday my mother gave me my first Louis Vuitton travel bag. A vintage suitcase my father bought her when they got married in 1971. I use it every time I go somewhere more than a week and when not travelling with a low cost airline (even empty it weighs more than the baggage allowance!)

This Christmas, I am thinking of treating myself to a couple of new bags and maybe a trolley. But the reality is I am not 100% sure about it. Many people say that having new LV's bags are tacky and “Nuovo rich”. Is it? So let me get this straight, if they are new, its bad. But, if they are or look old it is ok. What is the logic on that? Should I buy them and kick them around till they look vintage? Or should I just buy an old one in ebay? Don’t think so…

True, old money have old bags and new money have the new ones - and then of course there are the millions of fakes. But how are they suppose to look vintage if they are new at some point? And, isn’t it possible to have new LV baggage and not seem nouvo?

Am I going crazy? Is my partner not being very logical? Or is it just too much to travel with Louis Vuitton when you are only 27?

What is tacky about wanting to have the best?

Instead, I could buy Hermes. But for THAT… I can’t afford. Yet!


Anonymous said...
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Pedro Caldeira said...

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Pacis Mundus said...

LV is timeless. Whether to choose LV or not depends on one's desire for luxury and should never be contingent on what others will see. Luxury is felt not seen. As a youth, your having a newly purchased LV case, is appropriate. As time goes on, you may reflect on your many adventures (experienced with luxury), every time you glance at your beautifully aged luggage; scratches/dings and all. Articles, that exhibit timelessness are about continuity; much too little of that these days. As an example of what i mean... Love is timeless.